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The Festival

America we are coming!!!

After eight European editions the Gelato Festival, the most important event dedicated to the Artisanal Italian Gelato, it is ready for America. A competition that reward the best Italian and foreign gelato artisans and chef for the flavors they create for the event. A festival "on the road" that travels through Italy, Europe and America bringing goodness, joy, experience, culture...
The votes of a panel of experts and those of the public determine the winner of each stage. From city to city, for the duration of the Festival hour after hour award-winning chefs, gelato masters, important and prestigious firms in the Gelato business share the fantastic world of Artisanal Italian Gelato. Become a part of the voting public, taste the best new flavors.

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The ticket

Do you want to enter the fantastic world of Gelato Festival and help decide who wins? Buy one now, at the event entrance or in advance, saving money and time. This way you can taste the flavours offered, both competing and not, always unique and original. Participate in all the events reserved for ticket holders and activities of the Gelato Festival, to vote for the flavour that has won you over. The ticket is valid for one day. If you buy it during the Festival it is valid for that day. If you buy it in advance it is valid for the day you pick it up at the Festival ticket booth during opening hours.
Note: the number of flavours to be tasted varies in each city. Check which and how many exceptional flavours will be included in the Ticket of the stage you want to participate in.

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Unique and original flavors custom made for Gelato Festival 2017. Every city the competition stops in will see up to 12 of the best gelato artisans and chef to compete against each other. Each with an excellent new recipe, battling to win the title of best Artisanal Italian Gelato. In addition to the competing flavors, at every stage there will be new and delicious flavors specially created by the sponsors. You need to have the ticket to taste all the flavors and reward the one you like the most. Learn how to participate and help your favorite flavor win!

The Events

Each stage of the Gelato Festival is a treasure trove of delectable discoveries. New and original flavors, classic and traditional but always delicious, performances by award-winning chefs and gelato masters, presentations by the most prestigious firms in the business, all sharing traditions and secrets of the fantastic world of Artisanal Italian Gelato, unique and enjoyed around the world. And the ingredients? Italian Top-quality, organic, slow food, a mix of goodness that makes each gelato an experience. Enter the world of the best Artisanal Italian gelato: go to the calendar and buy your Ticket. It's the only way you can participate in all the events of the Gelato Festival, taste all the flavors and vote.

At Gelato Festival the fun is guaranteed!

The village has plenty of spaces for sitting, relaxing and eating Artisanal Gelato, there's also much more. Gelato Festival offers you a great day out with its many activities!
Together with your friends, family or whoever you want you can learn about the history of gelato and its mysterious recipes! Challenge them in contests of skill and memory! This and so much more for an unforgettable day! Experience the magic world of Gelato Festival, where everyone can be young again.


The Gelato Festival is the most important Italian Gelato competition in the world. Up for grabs in each city is the title of best flavor as chosen by a panel of experts and the voting public. A pass to enter the Final stage that will designate the best American gelato of the year. You need a ticket to taste all the flavors, participate in the Voting Public and reward the flavor that you like the most.

The Jury

It is up to the public and the experts to decide who is the best. The technical jury and the public will choose the best Master Gelato Maker of each stage. The winner will earn a place in the Finals, where just one gelato master will earn the title of Best Flavour in America for the corrent edition of Gelato Festival.

The technical jury

On the first day of each stage, the technical jury - composed of professionals and experts - will express its final verdict and will award its 50% to the winner.

The popular jury

Members of the public with tickets can also vote for their favorite flavor and thus help decide who wins top honors in the Final...

Kids Jury

The "Kids" portion of the judging will take place Saturday at 11 AM on the main stage of each stop. Artisans will present their flavors to the panel of kids and defend their recipe. The panel of kid judges will vote in for their favorite flavor. The winning flavor will receive a very special award.

The Kid jury will be treated to back stage access, connection with the artisans and tickets for their entire family. Email seth@dca-dcpr.com if you know a young foodie who would love to judge some delicious gelato!

A taste ... of history

Everyone - young and old - loves it, but few know its origins. A genuine food, fresh, nutritious, fun and stylish. Gelato, before even pizza and spaghetti, was historically the first food to be classified as an Ambassador of Italian Cuisine. A true weapon of seduction.... It was invented in 1559 by the ingenious Florentine artist Bernardo Buontalenti, who at a banquet held at the Court of the Medici served the first cold cream made from milk, honey and egg yolk. It was a culinary triumph! At the time gelato was synonymous with the power, imagination and creativity of the noble kitchens. Something to amaze - and often intimidate - guests. From there gelato began to spread, first throughout Italy and then to France, taken there by Catherine de' Medici.